Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s that time of year again, where you should be expressing the love a bit more than usual. Of course, you should be spreading love and kindness every single day of the year. It’s again another year watching your cohort receiving bouquet of roses and chocolates. Today, walking to the train station I saw so many girls looking extra pretty linking arms with their sweethearts. Awwww High-school Sweethearts. ❤


I was talking to my friend today in English Class, that all we single too young to have boyfriends need are our fictional characters. We don’t need real guys right now. We have our celebrity crushes and fictional heroes. Those of you who have friends who love K-pop already know how much they (and maybe you as well)  just want your ‘Oppa’ to back hug you and just spend one day with you. Recently, BTS’s new MV just came out “Spring Day”. One of my best friends, just melted watching this. Whereas, my reaction was a bit….. plain. I like BTS but maybe I should watch it again. 🙂


Anyway, yeah let’s just spread the love shall we. Everybody deserves love and care. Maybe sneaking a flix or if you too busy with life or school. Just make sure to love yourself. Treat Yourself with something nice.


Happy Valentine’s Day – Share and Spread the love 365 days of the year. OK?



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