It’s almost SNSD 10th anniversary. Dear me, I’m already tearing up writing this, just thinking about it. Despite, all the new Kpop groups debuting, my heart and soul truly only belongs to these wonderful 9 girls whom I grown to love. Yes, I know there are 8 current SNSD members and I have moved on. I just want to say that their 10 year anniversary will be a celebration of their sisterly bond which I believe is truly indestructible. I do admit that even though I am a SONE, I have drifted away from Jessica quite a bit since she no longer in the group. I have mixed feelings about listening to her solo songs but I do listen to them, so that I remember that the group I fell in love with once had a beautiful Ice Princess. I still enjoying watching her.

I can’t wait for another SNSD comeback especially since rumours of their disbandment have once again arises.  I do believe that SNSD will be more on hiatus rather than disbandment. With many of the members, currently doing solo activities, SONES can still see them active which is a great thing. I never thought I would love a celebrity like this in my life. Before, I was in to Kpop I used to think that what are these people doing or they all look the same however I have learnt to embrace them and Kpop itself. Without SNSD, I doubt I have would have ever gotten into Kpop. They are the Queens of Kpop. Twice still has a long way to go before they are up there.LEGENDS. I’m not biased but actually if a new era starts and there is a well deserving group to take their place. I would be shedding happy tears. Because I know they are leaving Kpop girl groups into good hands.

SNSD’s Leader Taeyeon is heading into the 30’s a couple years off but everybody knows of the double standards given to women in the industry and the fact that girl groups simply can’t run as long as those boy groups can into their 30’s. I accept that and I also accept that so these lovely girls will have to move into the next stage of their lives, just like how I will move into mine. I think when that happens I’m gonna cry but at least their music lives on forever and ever. I wish I could have gone to see just one of their concerts or meet them in real life. Either way I still love them.  Because their voices brought me comfort whilst in pain and life whilst in darkness. I’t might seem like an exaggeration but they inspired me soo much. Too want more out of life and to be better. When you love someone, you can’t explain it without making it sound cheesy or cliché. When you love someone, just thinking about them gives you butterflies inside. When you love someone, seeing them laugh or cry makes you too follow them. Even when I’m reading fictional portrayals of them I cry. I am forever a SONE.

I have admit once I saw Taeyeon’s pre release track ‘I got Love’ I re – watched it it 10 times and was so excited. I try to love all the members of SNSD equally but I hate when people ask me who my favourite member is because I know that I will always pick TAEYEON. I love them all but everyone gotta have a bias right? I just love Taeyeon a bit more thats all.

Our Maknae, Seohyun recently released her first solo album and i really liked ‘Don’t say No’ It is really catchy. I was playing on loop walking to school and on the train. I’m soo proud of her. 🙂

If anyone is interested, watch the variety show secretly greatly for the Candid Cam Project with Seohyun and guests Sooyoung and Hyoyeon. Seohyun’s acting is truly amazing there. Here’s one of the clips :


This post would be so long if I had to write all the amazing things SNSD have been up to soo I’m going to leave on few quotes by the members to end the post. I’m sure that you will see regular posts on them.My Queens.

p.s Let’s not forgot all the wonderful pairings they have given us. 🙂


“So let’s become best friends that don’t get ashamed of each other but cherish and have plenty of care for each other.” – Kim Taeyeon


“They say if you fall, someone who loves you ,will lend a hand for you. Here I have 8 pairs of hands, always ready to hold me back up when I stumble backward.                        – Jung Sooyeon


For me, each one of our SNSD members is like my body. If one gets hurt or hears bad things from someone else, it hurts me and pains me even more. It’s impossible for only good things to happen to someone and so there were difficult times and hurtful times. But during those times, I’m so thankful that we were each other’s strength and each other’s support.”– Lee Soonkyu


“During those nine months, so many things happened and I went through so many different emotions and realized so many things. It was such an important time where I felt the precious value of the stage and the precious value of each other. And so I’m grateful.” – Hwang Miyoung


“It doesn’t matter where I stand. Whether at the front or at the back,in the middle or at the side. As long as I can get on stage and do what I love. That’s enough for me.”        – Kim Hyoyeon


“During these nine months, we really held on to each other and guided each other and pushed each other. And I’m so happy that we were able to have those precious times together. We’ve been through so much together so let’s..together..leap even stronger now. And…I love you.” -Kwon Yuri


“To my precious members, who I hope to be with forever, I love you and thank you so much.” – Choi Sooyoung


“I mean we can’t be promoting as SNSD until we’re ahjummas. However, like Shinhwa sunbaenims, even when everyone is focusing on their individual activities, I would like for us to get together and hold a concert or release albums…I want SNSD to be like that.”  – Im Yoona


“People with good hearts are the ultimate winners.” – Seo Joohyun


“Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to stand at this honourable position. After last year, we are given good award again, we feel proud. We will continue developing ourselves to repay all the people who helped us stand at this highest place. SONE, we love you!” – SNSD






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