My favourite K-Drama OSTS


Today, we are going to specifically talk about K-dramas. I have been watching K-dramas since 2014. My first K-drama I ever watched was Autumn in My Heart (2000). As I knew about actors and actress from previous dramas, I went on to watch their other dramas, if that makes sense. Autumn in My heart was probably one of the most depressing dramas I have ever watched. That era was filled with heart wrenching k-dramas like Stairway to Heaven, A sad love story, I’m sorry i love you, a love to kill and even winter sonata. I can’t remember where my journey went from there. But now I’m going to list some of my favourite K-dramas + a OST from the drama which I really liked. (I like multiple OSTS so I’ll just put one). I have watched so many so I’m bound to miss some that I really enjoyed so, I come back and keep it updated. Btw I watch quite a few older dramas so you’ll see some of those too. They will not be ranked cos that’s just too hard!

Autumn in my heart (2000)- my first k-drama and one of the saddest out there. The earlier appearances of Won Bin/ Song Hye Kyo/ Song Heon Seung

Winter Sonata (2002) – I prefer AIMT so much more but this one had a wonderful OSTS by Ryu to add to the Endless Love Series.

School 2015 –  My ship never left the wharf. 😦

High School Love on (2014) – Recommend for a light bubbly adventure with tears towards the end.

The Heirs (2013) – Park shin Hye !! Well technically kinda high school + business

Dream High (2011)– Young Kim soo Hyun + SUZY + Singing

Honourable Mentions – Detectives of Seonam Girls High School +  Solomon perjury

The Moon embracing the Sun (2012)– the childhood ver. of the characters blew me away, they could just make a whole drama just out of them.

The Mirror Of the Witch (2016) – their love story was beautiful.

Bridal Mask (2012)  – a bit long but Yes yes and yes

Empress Ki (2013) – 

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016) – IU  + Wang So need a Season 2- The OST was wonderful.

Good Doctor (2013) – One of my all time favourites

Spring Day of My Life ( 2014) – SNSD’s Sooyoung here : This song she sings herself

Prime Minster and I ( 2013) – Despite the low ratings, I really enjoyed it especially with SNSD’s Yoona there. 🙂

The K2 (2016) – another one with Yoona but the plot is so action-packed and very interesting. An epic opening song

Goblin (2016) – Life is represented as a beautiful + strange thing. The cinematography is amazing.

W – 2 worlds (2016) – very unique plot line unfortunately not with the ending. Still enjoyed it

Doctors (2016) – Park Shin Hye as a Doctor OH MY

That Winter The Wind Blows (2013) – Song Hye Kyo loved her since Autumn in My heart but only became well- known after Descendants of the Sun in 2016. Another beautiful Ost by Taeyeon.

Descendants of The sun (2016) – Enjoyed it until it got cliché. Ost was deep though

Signal (2016)– Speechless Wow


By now, you can probably tell I can only remember the recent ones but man wasn’t 2016 such a great year. Hopefully 2017 will be even better. I’ll just list a few more but man this list is so much longer than I thought. Check out these too

Angry Mom (2015) – Kim yoo Jung

Producers (2015) – IU + Kim Soo hyun

Healer (2015)-  Another Ji chang wook one

I’ll just leave it there for today. I have soo many more. You can check out my whole list at :

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