Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Hello there?

Sometimes things are tough and you wish your life could just change and become everything you want it to be. Your bored? Your living the same life every single day isn’t there just a glimpse of light out there in this great big world for you.

But you need to remember that, you are stronger than you realise. You can survive. You have always overcome all the obstacles that you have face. You have runaway sometimes from these problems but not after spending days thinking about it and lots of brain power. Even though, your tired. You have made it to the other side, still strong. People who come into your life, all taught you a lesson good, bad, pain or rain. Cherish your weirdness because there will never be someone like you. Don’t be afraid, shine so that others can find you.

Don’t you think you spend too much time thinking about the future? University?  Your Career? How you want it to be like? Don’t think that your even going to achieve those things if your not even enjoying the moment your in. Don’t get me wrong have goals but don’t let yourself lose opportunities given to you now.

Don’t put yourself down, into the negativity- that has always been your habit. Think positive in your life 🙂   Don’t forgot to think about all the things you have accomplished and always credit yourself for that.

You know who is true to you and make sure you keep them close because only they will walk through the fire with you.

In the end, you made a choice.

You have chosen this, to be a kind and good selfless person as much as you can be.

Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe easily, listen to your records and enjoy life.

– SeaDra9on


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