GTAE – Royalist Dreamer

Hi everyone,

P.S If there is anyone associated with someone I like then I will automatically like them and follow them on their works. For example, I became a huge Crush fan after watching Don’t Forgot – Crush feat Taeyeon or I liked Dean even more after their collab Starlight.

Everyone know I am a huge Taeyeon fan but I am also a huge G dragon fan after all part of my name was inspired by him. I recon them together would be a match made to heaven though it’s very unlikely to happen considering being polar opposites, but opposites attract don’t they. GTAE GTAE GTAE GTAE. POWERHOUSE COUPLE. + we all know SOSHIBANG is a thing.

Today I will be sharing some of my absolute favourite GTAE fanfics and a little synopsis straight from the author + a link so you can check it out. All of these are on Asianfanfic and most of them are completed. So I can guarantee they are really good. I think i’ll also include the few rare videos/mashups.

Running Away Together

ME: Felt so real 10/10. Amazing.ANGST.TEARS.HAPPINESS. + Real friendship Taengsic


ME: ANGST. my oh my 10/10

Just S.e.x…. Really?

ME : Wow. got some comedy too

Removing the Blindfold

ME: As much as it’s a GTAE, this story contains an absolutely beautiful taengsic bond. amazing.

SINCE 1765


Timeless Fate


ONCE IN A LIFE TIME -recently completed

Beautiful Mistake – Ongoing

Set Me Free

Mutually Assured Destruction by same author as Since 1765 + Just Sex.. Really




i’m being so deluuu

Have a good night!




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