Hu Ge and Wallace Huo 

Feeling the Bromance Yet?


In the HUHUO Ship I like Hu Ge more than Wallace Huo because 1. I knew him before but it’s not about that today but its about my favourite C-dramas from each of them + some #bromance

Let’s Start with Wallace Huo (37) because he is older. Obviously I haven’t watched all their dramas and movies but out of the ones I have watched.  I’m not going to mention.

Chinese Paladin 3 (2009) – This was my introduction to him and I wouldn’t have known him this early if Hu Ge wasn’t the leading man here.


Battle of Changsha (2014)– My first formal introduction as Leading Man.


The Journey of Flower (2015) – He rose to fame and the spotlight with this drama. To be honest it was quite overrated and the ending and cutting of all the important scenes ruined it for me, really. It was still enjoyable with a wonderful performance from female lead – Zhao Li Ying. (Didn’t even know I watched so many of her dramas). But I’m just gonna put it here because it was his not breakout role but gained him quite a bit of fans, lets just say. Can you guess which one I preferred over this one?


Love me if you Dare (2015) – Right after the Journey of flower trend he packed another punch with this mystery criminal drama. The ending screams season 2, really. Also finally great to actually put him in a suit.

Eyes 79.jpg

Finally, The Imperial Doctress (2016) – what should I say? Let’s not put a picture here.


Now, to Like better than Wallace Huo, Our man Hu Ge (34)

The first and the best one WUXIA out there…

Nirvana in Fire (2015) – Scheming dramas, where winning isn’t really about how strong you are, or how strong your army is, but how smart, then this is a drama you’ll definitely enjoy. However there is much more that this drama offers. The characters, their relationships and how things develop around them are at the heart of the drama. Love, loyalty, brotherhood portrayed in such a beautiful way.

Then our charismatic Mei Chang Su . WOW + Wang Kai is also here. Fangirling like Crazy. 


siwon banana

The Disguiser (2015) – Focusing on a story of betrayal, romance, friendship, familial ties behind the Sino-Japanese war. Great one to watch when you miss the cast of Nirvana.


Let’s also not forget that the beautiful Wang Kai is here too. He is in Nirvana in Fire and The disguiser + Huo’s Love me if you dare too.


SHOUT OUT to WANG KAI ‘S DRAMA – Stay with me (2016) no Hu Ge but boy is he just fabulous as our leading man.

Back to Hu Ge with …

Soo many WUXIA’s that were all amazing From the Original Chinese Paladin (2005) to Sound of the Desert. (2014).

Saved for another posts Li Yi Feng , Yang Yang , Derek Chang

“Fireworks in the darkness are the only proof of you… thousands and millions of stars have already been moved because of you. I want to be with you, together in this lifetime.”-Love me If you Dare



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