Nirvana In Fire 琅琊榜

K-dramas consume most of my drama diet because they are typically fast paced and beautiful, as well as me having a little soft spot of them. However, this doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of C-drama consumption, in fact I’m quite a fan of the WUXIA ones. I have watched a lot of them. Every shot is absolutely beautifully shot and costuming is always fun to look at. Don’t you just find that some actors look amazingly stunning in the traditional apparel.   Highly looking forward to ‘Lost Love in Times’ with Cecilia Liu (Scarlet Heart) and William Chan (The Mystic Nine). As well as Game of Hunting (2017) with Hu Ge his last planned work before his hiatus. (noooo). You will also see an abundance of the same actors as well if you really like the actor then you’re more likely to attempt to watch an entirely new genre.  I might write reviews of the dramas but there are just so many that I have watched. Maybe a hall of fame list?

Another my little quick review of Nirvana in Fire:

Nirvana in Fire (2015) – Hu Ge , Liu Tao , Wang Kai




Even if you’re not a fan of Chinese dramas or don’t usually watch period dramas or even long dramas. This drama is so amazing that you will miss out on so much if you didn’t watch it. I’m not joking nor I’m I am exaggerating.  The cinematography is splendid and every scene is polished and shouts big budget production. Great acting by all the cast and the casting of even the minor characters were on point. Put your hands together for the writing and plot of the drama, every single little detail contributed into a meaningful way. It is a master piece epic that is definitely, a must-see.

Nirvana In Fire 013_zpsqjvnbof4.jpg


  1. Mei Chang Su played by Hu Ge our lovely leading man. Playing a character with 3 identities, the man with many secrets. Without giving too much away, Hu Ge absolutely amazes me playing Mei Chang Su, his voice takes the audience into the layers.e351152ca3.jpgvlcsnap-00001.png
  2. Secondly, Prince Jing or Jingyan played by Wang Kai delivers a strong and courageous performance that leaves you rooting for him the whole way. Next, the bromance, this show does not disappoint. Everywhere you look there is an intense and emotionally potent one and I love it so much that I was completely memorised. I wanted them to hug properly and rooted for them with all my heart. It’s a very compelling relationship indeed.fKGJt9A.jpg
  3. Fei Liu, Mei Chang Su’s personal bodyguard played by Wu Lei. Pretty much a child yet don’t be fooled he has the martial arts skills and is so endearing.maxresdefault.jpg
  4. The Romance – I’m glad that the romance didn’t overtake the true plot. The show had a strong emphasis on the bromance which matched well with the political plot line and even though the romance is very understated – we still manage to witness a sweet and matured unwavering love and the pureness of that love. Princess Nihuang played by Liu Tao, has martial skills too and leader of an army. Without any spoilers, she supports him without question and though the love line is sidelined her love moved me til the end.Nihuang & Mei Changsu.png
  5. A I loved all of the Jiang Zuo Alliance
  6. General Meng Zhi
  7. Basically anyone who was on Mei Chang Su

There’s my little pit stop post.


Here’s some beautiful OSTS sang by the main actors/actress themselves!




giphy (1).gifgiphy (2).gif


” Today is the perfect day to be happy”
















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