Back again, wow a month so almost to an end. Some are just old songs finding their way back to me Nostalgia.  Here’s my March Playlist:

Queen Taeyeon – Fine

BTOB – Movie

AMKU – Will Last Forever

Passenger – Everything

Really Recommend checking our Passenger new album for something different

The Time We Loved – Kyuhyun

Ballads are great but don’t you get more absorbed listening to well-made videos like these.

Just Wanna- Eric NAM & Amber

GOT 7 – Never Ever

Scars deeper than love – Yim Jae Beum and TAEYEON

This song is already so sad and deep but to me everything with Taeyeon is just more..

I’m in Love – Narsha

Beauty and the Beast – Ariana Grande & John Legend

Can’t wait to watch the movie with Emma 🙂 Soo Excited – Finish my Exams First 🙂

Brett Young – In Case You didn’t know

Thomas Rhett – Die A Happy Man

Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss

Linkin Park – Castle of Glass

So much Nostalgia – to the great bands and rock music I was listening before I became a SONE. I was surrounded by Kpop being a kid in the Golden Era of Kpop. Never forgetting my childhood, “I’m only a crack in this Castle of Glass”

 Never forget Your roots that is really important.  

Heaven Was Needing A Hero

Respect to all the Fallen and Current Members. Homecoming Videos are just some of the most tear-jerking things to witness and watch. Solider’s Tribute Videos are just so sad.

Rylee Preston – Soldier’s Light

One Direction – Moments

Written By Ed Sheeran. If there is one, 1D song that will make you cry then it has to be this one.

“You know I’ll be, your life, your voice, your reason to be”

Thats all for  March –

“Never lose sight of your dreams, remember your roots & let your passion propel you to live a life of purpose.”

Sky is above me.

Earth is Below me .

Fire is Within me.



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