Finding your Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese word that translates to “the reason for being” or “a reason to wake up each morning.” In Japan the word is widely used to describe a healthy passion for something that makes us feel as though life is worth living to the fullest.




Ikigai is often used to describe a devotion that we have to something that we find fascinating, to the extent that we may become quite obsessed or even consumed by it. However, we also have full freedom to decide how much of ourselves we freely give, and the choice to submerge ourselves is entirely our decision.

The interest in our ikigai can be so deep and strong that we may literally live and breathe it every day and align to it mind, body and soul, even altruistically suffering for it if necessary. Regardless of the blood, sweat and tears that are shed to put the work in, we tend to stay loyal to our ikigai and weather all storms that attempt to keep us from it once we have evoked and embraced it.


An ikigai is often described as an intense internal burning desire to carry out a personal mission that we have a strong affinity to. We may not be able to reasonably explain why, but we will feel a magnetic attraction to explore a particular path and will feel drawn towards anything that is associated with it.

The basis of an ikigai is that it is immensely pleasurable and that it not only benefits and enriches our own life, but that it also enhances other people’s lives too. It is about finding value in something that we love doing while mastering and developing talents and skills to ensure that it is sustainable. This sets us a personal challenge, without any pressure, so that we can improve our ability as time passes. We then naturally add new personal elements, so that our expression of ourselves is uniquely crafted and a personal tribute that we can feel proud of.

I just wanted to share this video:


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”



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